A tribute to a dear friend who died a few years ago and had EMF related issues.

What drives us?

Values turns out to be quite culturally defined, besides something that originates in your family. A shift in culture means a shift in values, to some extend. At the core they don't change much, the understanding however deepens over time.

So what seem to be the most pronounced values at this moment?

– Honesty

– Creativity

– Harmony

– Playfulness


Dutch honesty is a bit different from honesty in the rest of the world. Bear with us please. Saying it as it is (or at least perceived to be) is considered a virtue where I was born. We are working on mixing that kind of honesty with gentleness. Having said that, scientific proof has validity within the confines of science, which this field of work considers too small a box to be useful or healthy.


Every house has its own history and challenges, every person its own limitations to adapt to an ever faster changing external environment. Creativity in that regard means to bring up solutions that this client can relate to and afford whilst maximizing the benefits for health.


Harmony means a constant adapting to ever changing circumstances without creating friction in relationships. Harmony means taking into account the largest possible view on what it means to be environmental friendly, sustainable and respectful towards all involved, both humans and nature, both short term and long term. Harmony means creating an environment in which all can flourish and none gets harmed. Harmony means to understand the needs of body and soul and facilitate a growth environment for both.


Ah, that's funny... A sense of lightness and playfulness seems essential in this line of work where the dangers of drifting off into a bottomless pit of despair is ever present. Modern day society has become tech driven at the expense of much humaneness. A light and playful approach to EMF related issues turns the work that needs to be done anyway into a joy; a new avenue to explore, an exciting adventure.