Books regarding EMF’s and things related.

Robert O. Becker – Cross Currents

Robert O. Becker – The body electric.  The EMF / Building Biology evergreen, a must read for all with the slightest scientific interest.

Karl Riley – Tracing EMF’s in building wring and grounding. For Electrical engineers and electricians, to get a feel for the many steps that can be improved whilst wiring houses.

Richard Tarnas – The passion of the Western Mind. For those who want an in-depth eloquently written book on how we got where we are now and what’s missing / wrong with that.

Wolfgang Maes – Stress durch Strom und Strahlung. The pope of Building Biology, the grandfather of all Building Biologists. German, an inventory of house measurings.



Arthur Firstenberg – The Invisible Rainbow. The Bible for EMF investigators, Well documented book on how electricity relates to global health issues.

More actual and relevant than ever.

Nicolas Pineault – The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. A good starting point to check your place for the most obvious EMF’s.