Healthy usage of electricity and technology

Bio-compatible living

Use of the Internet and electrical equipment with minimal health implications

What is EMF consultancy?

  • Advising people on how to use electricity, equipment and electronic devices with maximum comfort and minimum negative health effects.

What does a consultation look like?

  • A visit to your house or workspace to observe and measure LF (Low Frequency) and HF (High Frequency) values of radiation from wiring systems and communication devices such as telephones and computers but also lamps, machines and heating devices.
  • check for outlets without earth
  • check for radiating devices such as DECT phones, Wireless Routers etc.
  • Check the surroundings for Mobile phone masts

Basic Ideas of Bio-compatible living:

  • Change what is within your capacity to change
  • Accept with grace what you cannot change
  • Walk this planet feeling empowered and in control
  • Spent more time in nature
  • Spent more time moving the body
  • Limit Screen time

Basic Technical Measurements:

  • Switch off WIFI at night
  • Remove DECT phones
  • Make sure all outlets have Earth
  • Switch off as many groups as possible at night
  • Remove as many devices as possible from the bedrooms

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