Pluto direct fall 2020

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So many think that the 1% should change… But if the 1% change their food habits only 1% change is accomplished. However, if the 99% wake-up to their own responsibility in their buying and food choices, real change will happen, and very fast as well.
Are you ready to give up your contribution to the global crisis?
Did you stop smoking, drinking, eating non-sustainable “food” during Covid?
Pluto is direct again… Remember what happened just before 25th of April 2020? We are all in for a ride and although maybe the 1% rule the planet it is mainly because we quite literally buy the things they don’t allow their own children to eat or use.
Comfort is a very dangerous place to be. It’s comfort that brought us all the technology to avoid getting tired, which in turn creates a need for many hours in a gym for which you have to pay. See how it works?
Let me use a GPS, it is sooo easy and comforting and slowly slowly you can’t even find your own bathroom or house anymore without an Internet connected device in your hand (or implanted below your skin?)
A bigger picture of the 1‰ers | Art and technology, Hair ...
Are you still running Microsoft Windows and wonder why Bill Gates became such a powerful man? You paid him!
Are you still using Amazon for your buying and wonder why in Davos the owner of Amazon gets invited? You paid him.
Do you use Google to search for things on the Net and wonder why they became so powerful? You gave them access to your personal data, which they sold to many , many companies on the planet.
There’s no point in complaining about 5G if you use WhatsApp or watch videos on it; you literally ask for it and pay the people you want to change their evil ways.
It’s about your choices, the 1% will follow.
They are business men.
Choose wisely.
Choose self-empowerment.

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