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At 64 years you tend to have more to look back upon than to look forward to, at least in this life.

Somehow there seem to be key players and key groups that shape our lives more than others.

Some are virtually invisible or literally virtual friends, others meet with us on a day to day basis for many years. Some just push us off the cliff and watch our wings unfold, out of necessity rather than “vontade”. Some have such a high vision that it scares us, others have such a clear vision that it makes us wonder why the mirror didn’t tell us. All are embraced, some with more gusto than others, to be bluntly honest.

Astrology was about the first exercise to leave the beaten track of ICT and Dutch Agriculture and venture into a New-Age environment. The late Rob Klein, my unexpected room-mate in ICT was a brilliant mind, great programmer and able to “read precious stones”. He pushed me out of “New car, bigger house, faster computers” and into worlds beyond 3D reality. From there the astrologers Tilly Dietvorst and Karen Hamaeker-Zondag have opened doors that keep me reading and studying all things meta-physical. Aragon van Wietingen and Pablo van Well have done their share of chipping off the rubble from the unshaped block of marble, more granite probably.  The first aura reading by Ans Gunzing was amazing; a world of unseen qualities emerged; a gentle reminder of qualities long forgotten. Entering Brahma Kumaris in 1991 was another major step forward, the first meeting in Madhuban, India was quite literally mind-blowing. I woke up the next morning thinking that maybe I do belong to this planet after all. Too many experiences and friends emerged after that, PJ and KP showed to be the most persistent ones. The various retreat-centre residents and leaders who allowed my Uranian energy to disturb their carefully polished routines are much appreciated, in hind-sight mainly.

Of my unseen friends Bebe Butler deserves a separate mentioning. We just had a few chats online and a year later she passed away, but somehow her spirit and art keeps coming back.

Art / Dance… A recurring theme. The Portuguese dance scene has given me more than I had ever hoped for. A few names: David Camacho, Alexandra Bataglia, Pedro Paz, Elsa David, Rui Gomes and Sabine de Clerck,  a thousand Ana’s and Maria’s, Rita & Rita. Paulo, Lisi, Tito. Amalgama was the main source for opening up to the idea that bodies can actually be enjoyed without going into deteriorating extreme expressions.

Chats with like minded souls: David, Pedro, Miguel, Teresa, Paulo, Diogo, António; people who can mix English with Portuguese without blinking an eye… A sense of belonging in a far away country. Physical support in the form of massage by Miguel and Tito, a few others. People who make you feel welcome and at home in an instant, without a doubt: Hare Krishna in Lisbon, Anke, Karin, Pieter, Maria João, Lisi, Teresinha, Nazaré and her off-spring :), Sergio from ze bar, Leonor, Isabel, Luísa. People that resonate deeply, who appear out of the blue and never leave: Monica Gheorgiu. Fated chance encounters it seems. And then the people that ask you to drill a few holes or assemble some IKEA stuff; much appreciated flowers in a bouquet full of fragrance and  beauty.

Gratitude emerges naturally looking back on all the wonderful people and encounters that shape a life. May you all be blessed with days of joy, happiness and a fine piece of apple pie every now and then.






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