About Us

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Electro Sensitivity, the name given to people who have symptoms when they are around electrical equipment or near transmitting devices such as cell-phone towers, DECT-phones and routers,  is still barely understood by most Western Doctors.

This site is the result of a quest for health whilst using PC’s and modern day media.

I started off in ICT, computer programming and never read the signs on the wall; thought it was normal to have headaches most of the time. Not just the Western medicine had no idea; even Eastern medicine was alien to the idea that all the blessings from technological inventions might have a price tag on them.

Building Biology has been an eye-opener. Some acquired meters, a few course and books and other equipment showed that my home/ office environment could be improved. So after running earth wires to all the outlets, installing Ethernet cables and shielding the windows with special cloth to keep the impact of the neighbours’ WIFI to a minimum my health started to improve. After that it still takes a bit of time to figure out what life-style changes are needed to return to good sleep and an optimistic outlook on life.

Daily meditation and diet changes have been important as well. All in all it seems a package deal to return to a normal life.